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CityVest Allows You Access To the Best Real Estate Investment Funds

The best performing institutional real estate funds generate strong, stable investment returns around 15%. Since these funds often have $100 million or more and have investor minimums of $1 million or more, how does an individual investor participate with only $25,000 or even $100,000? CityVest aggregates our investors to make us a Big Fish. Not only do we gain access to top tier investment funds, but often the funds offer discounted fees for certain large investors. Our access funds allow you to maximize your investment returns – allowing you to swim with the sharks.

  • Access to Institutional Funds
  • Low Minimum Investments
  • Proven Track Records
  • Attractive Investment Markets
  • Unique Investment Strategies
  • High Preferred Returns

Institutional Real Estate Investment Opportunities

For the first time, individual investors can access top tier institutional real estate investment funds which have historically generated rates of return over 20% IRR. Traditionally, these institutional quality, high return funds have had million dollar minimum subscription amounts. However, through CityVest, you can access, conduct due diligence and invest in these funds with just $25,000.

  • DLP Access Fund
    • Targeted Investor IRR
    • Fund Size
    • Fund Type
      Real Estate Backed Loans
    • Distributions
    • Minimum Investment
  • Closed


    DLP Access Fund
    • Targeted Investor IRR
    • Fund Size
    • Fund Type
      Secured Mortgage Loans
    • Distributions
    • Minimum Investment
  • Closed
    Pathfinder Access Fund
    • Targeted Investor IRR
      16% to 18%
    • Fund Size
    • Fund Type
    • Location
      San Diego
    • Minimum Investment
  • Closed


    DVO Access Fund
    • Targeted Investor IRR
      12% to 16%
    • Fund Size
    • Fund Type
    • Location
      New York
    • Minimum Investment
  • Closed
    CityVest ApexOne Fund II LP
    • Targeted Investor IRR
    • Fund Size
    • Fund Type
      Student Housing
    • Location
    • Minimum Investment
  • Who is CityVest?

    CityVest is an online marketplace where accredited investors can pool their capital to buy shares in institutional real estate investments.

    The CityVest real estate investment marketplace is the culmination of our team member's and advisor's hundreds of years of experience in real estate investing, finance, accounting and internet technologies.

    About Us

  • How Does It Work?

    CityVest provides investors with insider access to pre-screened, institutional real estate investments historically unavailable to individuals. CityVest allows investors to browse and analyze the offering materials for investments in specific properties. It's as simple as Browse... Invest... Benefit.

    CityVest offers a safe and secure internet platform where investors can sign legal documents and transact entirely online.

    How It Works

  • How Do I Get Started?

    We permit accredited investors to invest as little as $10,000 in a range of commercial real estate investments. Our aim is for these investments to provide above average rates of return than is normally available to an individual investor. Our professional real estate investing platform is easy to use.

    This is smart real estate investing.

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Benefits Of Investing With Cityvest

We've created a new way for investors to participate in institutional real estate investments.


    You benefit through professional investment structures, which target passive returns for our investors in a range from 10% to 25% - often with a preferred return.


    CityVest will handle all of the accounting and administration of your investment, while you can monitor the returns.


    CityVest pre-screens investments for you through our underwriting and due diligence process. We partner with institutional investment funds and sponsors and we seek a preferred rate of return.


    Since real estate investments typically generate cash flow income, while common stock does not, real estate valuations tend to be less volatile and less sensitive to market risk factors.

We simplify online real estate investing.

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Invest With Confidence

We Do the Work to Provide You the Best investment Opportunities

Every CityVest investment undergoes a thorough due diligence process by our experienced underwriting team.
Of the hundreds of projects reviewed each month, fewer than 1% are approved.

  • Submission

    Real estate funds and sponsors submit investment details to the CityVest underwriting team.

  • Initial Screening

    Initial screening to ensure project is consistent with CityVest standards

  • Analysis

    Detailed examination of project, market, management, legal and finance factors

  • Investment By CityVest Investors

    Only the best investments are approved and posted on the CityVest website.

Our Experienced Team

Over 150 Years Experience

The CityVest Management Team has over 150 years of Investing and Financing Experience.

$3 Billion In Investments

The CityVest Team and its Advisors have participated in over $3 billion worth of acquisitions, investments and financings.

Our Management and Advisors have worked for:

We are a team of experts in real estate investing, finance, accounting and more.

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National Media Coverage

  • “Real Estate upstarts... are transforming the way real estate projects are built and who profits from them.”

  • The JOBS Act will lead to more property-investing programs.

  • Real Estate sponsors have learned how to utilize crowdfunding to easily and efficiently raise capital.

  • These days, a growing number of investors are finding real estate investments on their own, thanks to crowdfunding sites that help investors identify opportunities.

Institutional Investments

Are you an institutional investor, family office or otherwise seeking to invest $500,000 or more. We can work with you to arrange an appropriate investment. Please get in touch with us directly by calling us at 212-593-1600.

CityVest Education & Articles

Learn About: Cap Rates, IRR, NOI, Multi Family, Value Added, Diversification.

In this section of our website we post articles about a wide variety of subject matter related to real estate and crowdfunding for real estate. From education articles, business opportunities, marketplace insights and current news you can find interesting information provided by CityVest.

Guide To Passive Real Estate Investing

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Benefits Of Owning Commercial Real Estate

Why Real Estate? The real estate transaction market is huge, with $11 trillion invested in real estate... [ Read More ]

Benefits Of Investing Through Cityvest

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Visit our education center for more useful information and tips.

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Common Questions

How do I invest?

There are 3 simple steps to investing:
1. Browse and Conduct Due Diligence - Review the offering materials, including the real estate investment presentation and investment documents.
2. Invest – If you see a deal you like and want to make an investment, you can move to a secure investment area by clicking on the “Invest Now” button then simply fill in the amount and other investment information.
3. Benefit - Fund the investment by wire transfer or send in a check.

How do I fund my investment?

After you have filled in your investment amount and gone through the electronic documents, you will be provided funding information. To fund an investment you will be provided with wire transfer instructions or you can send us a check for the amount of your subscription. The investment amount will go into the deal bank account. Once the closing is complete, CityVest will send you a notification via email that we have closed and you will receive the fully executed documents.

What are the risks of this investment?

Your investment involves substantial risk including risks to the value of the property at the time of its liquidation.

What is the structure of my investment?

You are typically investing in shares or membership interests in a limited liability company established by CityVest. In turn, that LLC owns (directly or indirectly), along with the sponsor and other investors, a share of a joint venture entity that owns a specific investment property, like a specific apartment building. An LLC gives you liability protection, shielding your personal assets from the investment. Please find more detailed investment information and risk disclosure in the investment memorandum, presentation or operating agreement for your investment. Potential investors are strongly urged to read the complete set of closing documents in its entirety prior to investing.

What is the target return of my investment?

The typical investment will seek to achieve a 10% to 25% rate of return over the life of the investment. This return may include an annual interest or other distribution from the investment, and sometimes this payment may include a preferred return structure. In addition you may get a payment of profits after the property is sold.

How / when do I receive my distributions?

After an investment is made to acquire a property or in a real estate investment fund but prior to the sale or realization of the investment, your investment may earn a quarterly, semi-annual or annual distribution at the rate of 6% to 10% per annum of the investment amount. Some development and value add real estate investments may initially provide a lower annual distribution. Some real estate private equity funds may delay providing any distribution until after the first or second year of making the investment. An investor’s share of any distributions is generally transferred directly into the same bank account that was initially used by the investor for the contribution of the original investment amount, and typically occurs soon after CityVest's receipt of such distributions. Please review the expected distribution schedule for each investment before making an investment. No distributions are guaranteed.

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