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Investment Summary

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Medical Real Estate

Preferred Return




Min. Fund Investment


Exp. Close Date

February 19, 2020

New Era Investment & Company Overview

New Era Companies, LLC the sponsor of New Era Medical Investment Fund II, LLC (“New Era”) is raising up to $50 million in capital. New Era makes investments in medical office buildings, medical specialty facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, behavioral health facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, senior housing projects and other facilities. New Era has already raised over $14 million in its fund with 6 projects completed or being built as of December 2019. New Era is projecting a 25% annualized gross return over the life of the projects. New Era is headquartered in Grapevine, TX with acquisitions and developments made in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Indiana.

  • Performance

    Historical Average Annualized Return of 34.31%
    Average Projected Annualized Gross Return of 25%
    Targeted Annual Gross IRR of 18 – 20%

  • Experience

    Over 160 Years of experience
    Executive Team of 7 Members with over $2 Billion in Transactions
    10 Years in Business

  • Investments

    $92.2 million in Current Assets
    $130.7 million in Disposed Assets
    Portfolio LTC of 75%


Medical Properties Access Fund LLC (“Access Fund”) is raising capital through a “feeder fund” structure by aggregating up to 100 investors at a minimum investment of $50,000 each and will invest the capital into New Era. Since the Access Fund will be aggregating its investors’ capital and investing approximately $5 million into New Era, New Era by reducing its promote is providing the Access Fund with significantly better investment terms including up to a 15% preferred return, rather than just 8%. This better investment term is the direct result of the Access Fund aggregating many investors representing a multi-million dollar investment.


Key Considerations

  • Access to an Institutional Fund - The Access Fund provides individual investors with access to New Era with a $50,000 minimum investment.
  • Experience - The New Era investment team has over 160 years of combined experience and over $2 billion of transactions.
  • 15% Preferred Return – The Access Fund has negotiated a 15% preferred return rather than the 8% preferred return for direct investors into New Era.
  • Proven Track Record – Since 2010, New Era realized an annualized return of 34% and an equity multiple of 1.95 times on its realized historical investments.
  • Attractive Projected Returns – New Era is targeting an 18 – 20% annual gross IRR – before fees. New Era is also targeting a 2.0 equity multiple.




    1 in 4 Americans experience a mental illness or substance abuse disorder each year. Every month mentally ill people travel miles away from their homes, families, and loved ones for an inpatient bed. Such travel often occurs after waiting days in an acute care hospital without adequate care while waiting to be transferred to a behavioral health bed, if one is available. Without access to proper care, acutely ill individuals become more ill, families and caregivers suffer and emergency rooms fill with severely ill patients waiting for a bed to become available or discharged without the help they need.


    The lack of available beds for behavioral health patients is a problem across the nation. A study by The OECD showed that in 2014 the ratio of psychiatric beds to the population was 21 per 100,000. A Ratio of 50 per 100,000 is a level that would allow adequate inpatient services to be performed.



    The Affordable Care Act has shifted the behavioral healthcare landscape by requiring health plans to offer behavioral health and substance abuse coverage in all ACA compliant plans.


    The current administration’s recent opioid initiative expanded addiction treatment methods and services and reduced red tape for Medicaid reimbursements to Veterans and their families.


    Recent shifts in the healthcare landscape has also led to a push to move behavioral health care out of acute care settings such as ERs and into specialized settings that better meets the needs of patients.


    Compared to the acute care hospital industry, the behavioral healthcare industry is more fragmented. Oceans’ focus on helping Seniors who are pharmaceutically confused is a big part of what is changing the behavioral healthcare industry.


    The treatment of behavioral health requires specialized training that many Primary Care Physicians and Acute Care Hospitals do not have. Oceans provides a specialized facility and highly trained staff that meets the needs of the behavioral health patient.


    Today, with approximately 21 beds per 100,000 patients, a huge gap exists between the number of beds needed and those available. This gap offers an excellent opportunity for development of new behavioral health facilities.

Access Fund Service Provider

  • Administrative, Tax and Accounting Services

New Era Overview

New Era Medical, a Texas limited liability company, makes investments in medical office buildings (MOB’s), medical specialty facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, senior housing projects, behavioral health facilities, and other facilities as deemed appropriate. New Era Companies, LLC, a Texas limited liability company (the “Manager”) will serve as the Manager of the Company and will manage the daily affairs of the Company and perform the real estate services of project sourcing, development, acquisition, financing, property and asset management and disposition.


    New Era brings a team of some of the most experienced healthcare investment specialists, with decades of combined expertise, to ensure success.


    Healthcare has become one of the largest sectors of our economy and will continue to grow as Boomers age into their peak healthcare spending years.


    Significant changes in America’s healthcare policy have created a new demand for medical services and new medical facilities.

Investment Strategy

New Era will make preferred equity and mezzanine investments into properties that will generally be subordinate to first-lien mortgage financings and senior in right of repayment to the Preferred Equity or Mezzanine. The business investment strategy will focus on projects in the general geographic areas of Texas and other key states. New Era intends to make investments in ground-up developments, strategic, value-add, and bolt-on acquisitions and repositions. New Era anticipates a target holding period of 3-5 years per property.

Fund Objectives

  • Capital Gains

    Achieve substantial capital gains upon the sale of its investment into properties within three to five years after the initial investment.

  • Investment Types

    New Era makes investments in medical office buildings, medical specialty facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, behavioral health facilities, skilled nursing facilities, senior housing projects and other facilities.

  • Distributions

    Secondary objective to generate quarterly cash distributions from the properties’ operating results.


One of the areas of greatest need today is behavioral health facilities. Most hospitals are unable to handle the special needs of the behavioral health patient and are working with behavioral health facilities to treat these patients. New Era has been working with Oceans Healthcare for the past 3 years. Oceans has a clear focus on geriatric (senior) and adult behavioral health treatment, which dovetails nicely into the senior housing space. As a result, New Era currently has several projects with Oceans – 3 recently acquired hospitals (all with master lease cash flow in place) and several premier ground-up developments. Additionally, New Era has an ongoing, programmatic approach to their relationship with Oceans to acquire additional properties and develop new build-to-suit master leased facilities with them.

New Era Market Overview

As of December 2019, New Era currently has 6 investments: 3 recently acquired, fully operational hospitals and 3 premier ground developments currently under construction. New Era has an Average Projected Multiple of 2.41x and an Average Projected Annualized Return of 25.05%

Market Considerations

  • Need For Additional Beds: The lack of available beds for behavioral health patients is a problem across the nation.
  • The Affordable Care Act, recent administration initiatives, advantage of specialized care, a fragmented industry and lack of proper training is fueling increased demand.
  • At approximately 38,000 beds nationwide, the number of available psychiatric beds is well below the 50 per 100,000 people that industry experts agree is needed to provide adequate inpatient services.
  • Rapid growth of post-acute care, gaining favor with patients and cost advantages are just a few reasons why rehabilitation facilities are becoming the preferred choice of patients.
  • According to an analysis by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Medicare spending on post-acute care increased from $29 billion to $59 billion between 2001 and 2013.

Case Study

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital

Investment Profile

  • Project Cost: $22,900,000
  • Projected Exit Cao: 7.5% CAP
  • Projected Annualized Return: 34.59%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 3.04X

Investment Overview

  • Single-tenant specialty hospital to be located in Indianapolis, IN
  • 100% pre-leased to an inpatient hospital operator
  • 10-year lease term
  • NNN master lease structure

Case Study

Hammond Oceans Hospital

Investment Profile

  • Project Cost: $9,026,501
  • Projected Exit Cao: 7.5% CAP
  • Projected Annualized Return: 26.65%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 2.29X

Investment Overview

  • Single-tenant specialty hospital to be located in Hammond, LA
  • 1.5% annual rental increases
  • 100% pre-leased to a behavioral health hospital operator
  • 20-year base lease term with two 10-year options to renew
  • NNN master lease structure; to be open by Jan. 2020

Case Study

Longview Oceans Hospital

Investment Profile

  • Project Cost: $4,516,308
  • Projected Exit Cao: 7.5% CAP
  • Projected Annualized Return: 17.07%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 1.99X

Investment Overview

  • Single-tenant specialty hospital located in Longview, TX
  • Purchased as a package of two properties
  • 100% leased to a behavioral health hospital operator
  • 10-year base lease term with two 10-year options to renew
  • Programmed rental increases and NNN master lease structure

Case Study

Lufkin Oceans Hospital

Investment Profile

  • Project Cost: $4,489,004
  • Projected Exit Cao: 7.5% CAP
  • Projected Annualized Return: 17.48%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 2.01X

Investment Overview

  • Single-tenant specialty hospital located in Lufkin, TX
  • Purchased as a package of two properties
  • 100% leased to a behavioral health hospital operator
  • 10-year base lease term with two 10-year options to renew
  • Programmed rental increases and NNN master lease structure

Case Study

Biloxi Oceans Hospital

Investment Profile

  • Project Cost: $6,357,005
  • Projected Exit Cao: 7.5% CAP
  • Projected Annualized Return: 27.02%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 2.76X

Investment Overview

  • Single-tenant specialty hospital located in Mississippi - a CON state
  • 1.5% annual rental increases
  • 100% leased to a behavioral health hospital operator
  • 20-year base lease term with two 10-year options to renew
  • $750K in facility improvements and NNN master lease structure

Case Study

Waco Oceans Hospital

Investment Profile

  • Project Cost: $12,856,742
  • Projected Exit Cao: 7.5% CAP
  • Projected Annualized Return: 27.47%
  • Projected Equity Multiple: 2.34X

Investment Overview

  • Single-tenant specialty hospital to be located in Waco, TX
  • 1.5% annual rental increases
  • 100% pre-leased to a behavioral health hospital operator
  • 20-year base lease term with two 10-year options to renew
  • NNN master lease structure; to be open by Jan. 2020

New Era Executive Team

New Era has assembled a team of motivated real estate professionals with a combined 25+ years. We execute a disciplined approach at all times, but remain agile with the ability to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. The company culture fosters teamwork and encourages innovation. We are relentless in our pursuit of performance excellence.

  • Daryn Eudaly

    Daryn Eudaly

    Founder & CEO

  • Tim Lavender

    Tim Lavender

    Founder & Principal

  • William Resch

    William P. Resch

    Senior Vice President of Project Development

  • Brad McCafferty

    Brad McCafferty

    Vice President of Construction Management

Founder & CEO

As the CEO and Co-Founder of New Era, Daryn is responsible for running all facets of the vertically integrated commercial real estate company. He has a proven senior executive track record of over 20 years of experience building teams and implementing infrastructure for multiple starts ups, rollups, healthcare, real estate, capital and strategic venture companies. Daryn has served as an executive for companies in the following sectors: healthcare companies; real estate development, management and brokerage companies; a medical product import and distribution company; equity and debt funds and a NASD licensed broker-dealer. He has been involved in over $1 billion in transactional volumes across the real estate and healthcare sectors with the latest disposition being a portfolio of medical properties that sold for over $100 million. Daryn has also served on various for and non-profit board of directors and advisory boards over his career and participates in various conferences and forums as a healthcare industry speaker or panel member. Daryn earned a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting from Austin College in Sherman, Texas and a MBA with a concentration in finance from Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Founder & Principal

As Co-Founder and Principal of New Era, Tim oversees equity capital fundraising, debt financing and investor relations. He comes from a very successful strategic planning consulting background working with top tier companies and their executive level team across the country. Tim was the founding president of Cirrus Health where he was part of the team that developed and operated premier medical developments and acquisitions totaling over 35 medical properties. He has also spearheaded private equity placements totaling close to $1 billion in the U.S. healthcare and commercial real estate sectors. Tim earned his BBS in Management from Dallas Baptist University and his Executive MBA from the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. He is currently licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and holds Series 6, 7 and 24 licenses (inactive) with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Senior Vice President of Project Development

Bill Resch is the Senior Vice President of project development, where he oversees all development projects at New Era. Bill has spent 35 years in the real estate development industry and he has overseen the operations, development and management of large residential, commercial, healthcare and mixed-use real estate developments. Prior to New Era, Bill also served as a Senior Vice President of Hillwood Strategic Services and Hillwood Development, where he oversaw, directed and coordinated existing and new projects. His responsibilities at Hillwood included evaluation, startup and oversight of large master-planned projects, including the finance, administration, project management, land-planning, entitlements and development areas. Bill has been responsible for commercial, healthcare, residential and mixed-use projects that ranged in size from .5 acres to over 10,000 acres. Bill earned a BBA in Management and Accounting with honors from the University of Texas, and he attended UT’s Graduate School of Business.

Vice President of Construction Management

Brad McCafferty is responsible for construction management for New Era. Early in his career, Brad established himself as a skilled construction professional comfortable collaborating with clients, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Brad has been involved in the commercial construction industry since 2001 and has served as: Vice President for a Commercial Subcontractor, Project Manager for Commercial Subcontractors, and Project Manager for a Commercial General Contractor. As Vice President and Principal of T. King Building Services, Inc., Brad was responsible for the overall operations and profitability for both Dallas/Fort Worth and Central Texas offices. Brad has been involved in a broad spectrum of construction management functions, including executive leadership, pre-construction services, project management, contract negotiations, document control, project scheduling, quality assurance, punch list management and project close-out. Brad is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Science.

  • Dan Rogers

    Dan Rogers

    Senior Vice President of Business Development

  • Stacy Renfroe

    Staci Renfro

    Director of Architectural Design

  • Richard Eudaly

    Richard Eudaly, CCIM, GRI

    Broker, Director of Real Estate

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Dan Rogers is the Senior Vice President of Business Development and is responsible for the formation and management of public-private partnerships with municipalities and business development. Dan has been in the public relations and economic development field for 50 years. Dan also spent 8 years in the banking industry as an executive doing business and economic development. Following his banking career, Dan worked at Motorola for 22 years. Dan has also served as the of Director of Economic Development for the city of San Marcos, Texas and was the first President/CEO of the Boerne/Kendall County Economic Development Corporation. Dan earned a degree in Finance from the University of Texas.

Vice President, Loan Production

Staci Renfro serves as the Director of Architectural Design for New Era and is responsible for shell building and tenant finish-out design & management. She has over 21 years of experience in commercial architecture with projects ranging from medical office, general office, hospitality, retail, restaurant, childcare and theatre design. Prior to joining New Era, Staci served eleven years as a design project manager for Five Star Real Estate, where she was responsible for design and coordination of shell buildings for large mixed-use projects. Previously she worked for Runyon Architects & Associates, Inc., Partners in Architecture, William Graves Architects, Inc. and Montague Design Group. Staci has managed and designed projects from schematic design through permit and construction. Staci earned a bachelor’s degree in Architecture with a Minor in Interior Design from Texas Tech University.

Broker, Director of Real Estate

Richard serves as the Broker and Director of Real Estate for NEP Realty, LLC, New Era’s Texas brokerage operation. Richard began his real estate career in 1969 and became a broker in 1972. He has been active in the commercial, multi-family, residential, land and ranching sectors for 45-years in both brokerage and operations. Richard holds a GRI designation, was a charter member of the Texas CCIM chapter, and served during the Reagan administration as the Regional Administrator of HUD overseeing Texas and the 4 surrounding states. He has also served in leadership with the Greater Ft. Worth Board of Realtors and the Texas Association of Realtors. He is the past president of the Apartment Association of Tarrant County and has served in leadership at the state and national levels. Richard has given testimony as an expert witness to the United States Congress, the Texas Legislature and various municipal courts. He also routinely serves as a Special Commissioner providing expert witness testimony. Richard holds B.S. in Agriculture from Texas Tech University and M.S. in Agriculture and Applied Science from Oklahoma State University.

New Era Historical Investments

The following is a selection of previous acquisition and development projects by management of New Era since 2010. The total project cost was approximately $112 million with total equity of $42 million. Seven of the historical realized investments have generated an average gross annualized return of 34.31%, before fees, and a realized multiple of 1.95x.

New Era Track Record

Medical Properties Access Fund LLC

The following Medical Properties Access Fund LLC Documents are available to view:

  • Investor Document Package Medical Properties Access 1 Fund

  • Entity Investor Document Package Medical Properties Access 1 Fund

  • Medical Properties 1
    Wire Instructions

  • Accredited Investor Verification Letter

NEW ERA Medical Investment Fund II, LLC

The following Fund Documents are available to view:

  • Investor Presentation

  • Q3 2019 Update

  • PPM

  • Supplement PPM

  • Subscription Agreement

  • Agreement Amendment

Medical Properties Access Fund LLC Terms

Investment Summary


Medical Properties Access Fund LLC (Access Fund)

Fund Managing Member

CV Manager LLC

Technology Fee

The Access Fund will pay CV Marketplace 0.75% (75 basis points) of the Fund capital per year for technology and information functions such as investment reporting and other communictaion.

Administrative Expenses

The Access Fund will pay CV Marketplace LLC $500 per investor per annum for managing investment accounting and distributions.

Organizational Expenses

The Access Fund will pay CV Manager a one-time fee of $50,000 for organizational and formation expenses.

Minimum Investment Amount

$50,000, subject to change in select cases


Quarterly, paid out of distributions from New Era Medical Fund II

Targeted Fund Amount

Estimated $5,000,000

Expected Offering Closing

February 19, 2020


5 years, plus 1 two-year extensions

New Era Medical Investment Fund II, LLC Terms

Investment Summary

Preferred Annual Return

15% paid to the Access Fund, however, direct investors in New Era receive a preferred return starting at 8%

Management Fee


Profit Split after Preferred Return

80% Investor / 20% Manager

Fund Term

5 years plus 1 two-year extension

Target Fund Size


Important Disclosure Statement for the Fund:

This presentation and the information contained herein (the “Information”) is for your internal use only and shall be kept confidential, restricted and proprietary to New Era Access Fund 1, LLC (“New Era”). You confirm that you will treat all of the Information as confidential and will take all necessary precautions to maintain the confidentiality of the Information.

No portion of this presentation may be reproduced or used by or distributed to others, at any time, in whole or in part, for any other purpose without the prior written consent of New Era. Acceptance of this presentation by you constitutes an agreement to be bound by the foregoing terms. In allowing you to view the Information, New Era undertakes no obligation to provide any additional information or to update, or correct any inaccuracies that may exist in, any of the Information. New Era shall not have any liability to you or any other person resulting, directly or indirectly, from the disclosure of the Information to you. The Information is not to be distributed directly or indirectly to any person or entity who does not meet certain legal and professional criteria as an Accredited Investor. This Information is not intended to be distributed, and does not constitute an offer or solicitation in a jurisdiction to any person or entity to which it is unlawful to receive such documentation.

Nothing in this document shall constitute an offer of securities for sale in the United States or any other jurisdiction, or form the basis for any contract or commitment. If there should commence an offering of securities by New Era, any decision to invest in any such offer and to subscribe for or acquire such securities must be based wholly on the information contained in a Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (the “PPM”) issued in connection with any such offer, and not on the contents of this presentation. The PPM will contain material information that is not contained in this presentation, including a discussion of material risk factors that may cause you to lose all or a portion of your investment. If there is any inconsistency between the Information contained herein and the PPM, the PPM will prevail. Some Information contained in this presentation constitute “forward-looking statements”, and are based upon estimates, assumptions and expectations about future events or conditions.

Such forward-looking statements are intended only to illustrate hypothetical results under such assumptions, not all of which are described herein. Actual events or conditions may differ materially from those assumed in developing such forward-looking statements, including due to the risk factors described in the PPM. In addition, not all relevant events or conditions may have been considered in developing such assumptions. Accordingly, actual results will vary and the variations may be material. You should understand such assumptions and evaluate whether they are appropriate for your purposes. New Era undertakes no obligation to revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances, and you should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Furthermore, past performance of New Era or the real estate market generally (whether described in this presentation or otherwise) is not a guide to future performance of real estate investments.

This presentation contains case studies and refers to New Era’s calculations, estimates and projections, based on the strategy executed by New Era since 2012. Calculations and projections are based on assumptions in the model and include all fees and carried interest, which have been prepared for illustrative purposes only and are not a guide to future performance. Numerous assumptions were used in preparing the case studies, some of which may not be reflected herein. As such, no assurance can be given as to the accuracy, appropriateness or completeness of any particular case study, or whether they reflect current market conditions or future market performance. The case studies should not be construed as either projections or predictions of financial performance, or as legal, tax, financial or accounting advice. The specific characteristics of investments selected by New Era in the future may differ materially from those shown in the case studies.

Any investment in funds managed by New Era will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) and may not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, in or within the United States or to, or for the account or benefit of, any U.S. person, except pursuant to an exemption from or in a transaction not subject to the Securities Act and applicable U.S. state securities laws.

The Information and all information and opinions in it are the property of New Era. You may not use any portion of this Information except for your personal use, and you may not otherwise distribute any portion of this Information to a third party without the prior written authorization of New Era. New Era and the logo New Era are trademarks of New Era and you may not use any of the service mark, copyright or other notices (whether or not in this Information for any purpose, or alter, remove or otherwise obscure any of them without the written permission of New Era or any relevant third party owner.

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■ Risks associated with the lack of liquidity of the Company’s securities; and
■ The impact of litigation or any financial, accounting, legal, tax or regulatory issues that may affect the Company or its tenants.

The factors noted above are not exhaustive. The Company operates in a dynamic business environment in which new risks emerge frequently. Further information about the Company’s businesses, including information about factors that could materially affect its results of operations and financial condition, is contained in the Company’s Private Placement Memorandum, which you should read before deciding to invest.

Value Add

Risk of Loss
Medium 1
60-75% 2
Occupancy Rate
Less than 80% 2
Heavy Renovations​/Major Retenanting 2
Stable Tenants
Few​/None 2
Hold Period
1-3 Years 2

1 The Risk of Loss is relative to other investment profiles. There is always a risk of total loss.

2 These are typical attributes for this profile of investment and may or may not represent this particular investment.

Secured Lending Fund

Secured lending funds produce attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in loans rather than equity. These real estate loans have real estate collateral securing the loan repayment to reduce risk.

Target Return (IRR)

The estimated annual return which includes both the annual cashflow and the sale proceeds prior to fund management fee.

Target Annual Cash

The estimated average percentage annual cash return from the investment.

Estimated Hold

Estimated hold period from investment to realization.

Preferred Return

The preferred return or “pref” is a percentage cumulative return on initial investment that investors must attain prior to the investment manager’s participation in the profits.

Fund Size

ApexOne Fund is raising a maximum of $100,000,000