Are you a Real Estate Sponsor or Operator?

Real estate companies choose CityVest to get access to tens of thousands of accredited investors and raise capital quickly and easily, without fees.

We Provide Sponsors with the Best Terms

Fund up to 90% of Your Acquisition Price

Traditional lenders typically cap the amount of the funding for a project around 75%, leaving 25% of the project to be funded with equity. CityVest can provide 23% of the 25% equity requirement leaving the sponsor / operator to utilize their capital for more deals. In many deal, after CityVest’s investors have achieved a preferred return, a larger percentage of the equity return will accrued to the sponsors / operator to compensate them for having structured and managed the deal.

  • Access

    thousands of investors - quickly

  • Close on Capital

    in weeks, not months

  • Diversify

    your capital sources

  • Save Time

    in the acquisition closing process

  • Minimal Set Up Fees

    are charged to the Sponsor

  • Sponsor Upside

    Retain a higher percentage of profits

  • Low Equity Requirement

    just 2.5% of the capital stack

  • Outsource

    the investor reporting to CityVest

Fast Track Capital Raising Process

CityVest’s streamlined origination, due diligence and equity syndication process enables us to fund in as little as 2 weeks as compared to other equity providers which may take 2 months.

Real Estate Companies Choose CityVest

Sponsors get access to tens of thousands of accredited investors and raise capital quickly and easily, with minimal fees.


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About the Process


What types of real estate investments does CityVest consider?

CityVest is committed to providing its investors with cash flow positive projects which can provide them with current income no later than 12 months after investment. Given this framework, CityVest does not usually take on construction or ground up development projects, unless a sale and monetization is anticipated within 2 years.


What characteristics are most desirable to CityVest’s investors?

CityVest actively seeks investments that are primarily cash-flowing / value-add equity investments in commercial and residential properties such as apartment buildings, retail centers, and office buildings. We will also consider loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.


On what basis are sponsor projects selected for funding?

CityVest looks for sponsors with strong track records of success. Our best sponsors are highly experienced and have a time tested and proven strategy. We conduct due diligence on all of our sponsors and assess each opportunity on its merits. We will negotiate the terms of our investment in your project which will be subject to an operating agreement.


May other investors within my network use CityVest to invest in our offerings?

Of course! Please contact us to discuss the benefits of inviting your network to invest in your CityVest offerings.


What are my obligations to CityVest after closing?

All of our sponsors are required to provide us with quarterly updates on the performance of the investment property which we will share with our investors. These updates will typically be no different than those you would provide to investors and financial institutions outside of CityVest and will include rent rolls, operating statements and investment summaries.


Will I be responsible for managing hundreds of individual retail investors?

No! All CityVest investors are pooled into a single LLC. CityVest manages all aspects of our LLC, so that the sponsor can manage / operate the property. You will only be required to prepare a single K-1 for CityVest, and CityVest will handle the preparation of separate K-1’s for all of investors.


How frequently must distributions be made to CityVest?

The distribution will be established in the operating agreement and may be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. In some investments our investors will be provided with a preferred return which may be paid annually.


Why should a sponsor / operator raise capital through CityVest?

CityVest makes raising capital faster and easier than ever before. Your investment opportunity can be submitted, approved and listed in a fraction of the time it usually takes through equity syndication. By pooling our investors into a single LLC, we are able to manage investor relations for you, allowing you to focus on investing and managing real estate!


How much does it cost to raise money through CityVest?

CityVest does not charge its sponsors any fees, except for a $10,000 administration fee that is paid directly to a third party for managing the set-up of our LLC and some accounting works.


How can I publish my real estate investment on CityVest?

To have us list your investment on our platform, you must provide us with a full investment memorandum on your project. We will work expeditiously to determine how we can move forward to invest in the acquisition. We then need to negotiate the terms of the investment. We handle all uploading of information to our website.


How long does it take to raise money?

Every opportunity is unique, making funding time variable. That being said, investments listed on the CityVest platform should usually be funded within one to two after all documentation has been signed. Please be aware, that we make no guarantees regarding our ability to successfully fund your project.


Does information regarding my investment offering remain confidential?

Prior to listing on CityVest, all information will remain confidential, however, once listed we will need to disclose all relevant offering materials so as to ensure our Accredited Investors are able to make informed investment decisions.


What is the JOBS Act and how does it impact CityVest?

CityVest is not currently operating under either Title II or Title III of the JOBS Act. Rather, all investment offerings made available through CityVest are conducted under existing Regulation D, Rule 506(b) and accordingly available only to Accredited Investors behind a secure firewall. For those that are interested, below is a brief synopsis of the JOBS Act:

In April 2012, President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. Title II of the JOBS Act became effective on September 23, 2013 and Title III is currently under an SEC rulemaking period. Title III termed the "Crowdfunding Exemption" is designed to allow all investors – both accredited and non-accredited – to participate in private investments like those offered through CityVest. Until the final rules are released, CityVest must rely on existing exemptions under Regulation D, Rule 506 which limit our offerings to Accredited Investors. The good news is that the SEC is making progress: Title II of the JOBS Act, which lifts the ban on general solicitation for securities offered under Regulation D, Rule 506, went into effect on September 23, 2013. This means that Private Companies can now advertise their investment opportunities subject to a requirement that they form a reasonable belief that all investors are accredited.


How does CityVest maintain compliance with Federal Securities Laws?

CityVest relies on a strong team of lawyers and financial advisors, all with substantial expertise in securities laws. More specifically, all CityVest offerings are private placements exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933 pursuant to Section (4)(a)(2) and Rule 506(b) of Regulation D. In accordance with Federal Securities laws, all offerings conducted through CityVest are currently restricted to Accredited Investors.


Can a sponsor raise money if they are not accredited?

Yes. Only investors need to be accredited.


Can I advertise my fundraising to the general public?

On September 23, 2013, the SEC implemented Regulation D Rule 506(c) pursuant to Title II of the JOBS Act which allows an issuer to advertise their fundraising to the general public. When advertising a private placement, there are certain rules that must be followed, specifically regarding the verification of the accredited investor status of investors.

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